How do I know this isn't some sort of scam?

The Proper X store will sell numerous budget value items that skeptics can buy for very few props. Those who feel hesitant of this new approach can test it out buy spending only a little and using the credits to make a small purchase. Participants can choose to continue to purchase on a small scale or move up to more expensive items.

Why are products in the Proper X store selling for five digits?

Selling for five digits makes the props digital currency more flexible, unbounded and liquid. Likewise the props currency must account for all affiliated currencies, not just the dollar. Participants need to be rewarded for their donations for this network. Likewise, props should be granted for penetration testers, copy editors, subscribers, promoters, critiques, proponents and the like. Allocating props for these supportive acts is much easier when dealing with five digits rather than four or three.


What is the best way to earn props?

A fundamental guideline is provided to Activist Nation participants on the instructions page. This guideline is not set in stone. If a participant has an idea or item that they believe is worth props, they should write a prospectus which will then be accepted or denied. The prospectus does not need be intense. A sentence or two should be sufficient enough to get the idea across. For example – “I have a $50 Starbucks gift card I want to submit for ten props, will you take it?”

Where do you spend props?

Props are spent at the Proper X store. When you first receive props you must contact the Activist Nation administrator who will provide you with a username and password for the store. Your props will be credited to the account in the store after which you are free to spend the props on the products available.

I did not receive my appropriated props in my account, what should I do?

Due to fraud and trolls prevailing in the popular culture today, the burden of proof lies with the participant. When dealing with this system always be prepared to verify and validate yourself. Keep your receipts and screenshots and log dates and time. If you lose your account access yet are able to verify the date the account opened, the content of our first conversation, and the first password, you will get your account back. If you lost your account and cannot provide any verification, you simply lost the account and will need to open a new one.

Why do Bitcoin donations earn so much more than other donations?

We love bitcoins! The cryptocurrency bitcoins will always be an excellent way to acquire props. Furthermore, the Activist Nation is a fierce bitcoins proponent. Note, that the best way to donate bitcoins to the Activist Nation is to use a static wallet. Blockchain wallets all have static addresses. Providing us with a static bitcoin address of the sender, along with a time and date plus an odd amount (0.0546) will ensure you get props quickly.

How is it that you can accept so many types of cryptocurrencies? is all you need to know. This reliable and popular online market allows you to open up a quick account with nearly any cryptocurrency available. You can trade between currencies. You can use the market as an online wallet. Best of all – you don't need to validate or verify yourself when dealing with Geeez if I wanted to trade currencies without any anonymity I would just go to the local bank.

I don't want to submit any personal information, can I still make purchases?

Yeppers – mos def. Accurate information does help in avoiding fraud. Yet, for the sake of people who want privacy - phone numbers, addresses, personal or sensitive information is not required in the Proper X store. Granted, your order may be subjected to a longer processing time and other security measures in order to avoid fraud. Yet, once your account is deemed reliable, without personal or sensitive information, you may use the store without any limitations. Since an address is required to process orders, you may enter any random address on your account page. If the product you want is available in a digital format we can send it to you in a digital format. Send me, the admin, a note that you want your order in a digital format before making the purchase.