Participants are granted a username and password for this website. Appropriated props (digital currency) are credited to the account on this site and debited when buyer makes a purchase. Participants are able to change password, profile picture and other information via their account page. Additional security measures (pin number, email verification, photo ID) may also be required. Fraud and exploitation is a major concern in this day in age. Although security measures are inconvenient, they are mandatory for all users. All users are encouraged to keep their own records, receipts and proof of identity. For example noting date of account opening, purchase history, account details and such is an excellent habit and will ensure that an account is never lost. Users who lose an account and are not able to verify or validate themselves simply lose their account and appropriated props. After which, they may open up a new account. For Goodness Sake – never lose your password, pin and other account credentials.

          Props are collected through partnerships, activities, donations and affiliations with the Activist Nation.  Props cannot be shared, transferred or sold. They have monetary value only on the Proper X store when purchasing merchandise in the store.  The distribution and amount of appropriation of this currency is not set in stone. Users may offer new ideas on this subject in the form of a short prospectus. This proposition need not be more than a single sentence. For example –

“May I donate my computer for 100 props”

would suffice. A prospectus may be accepted or denied. The utility of the Proper X store depends on its popularity, health of the Activist Nation and nature of its users. New ventures, partnerships and products will be available here as the network prospers and visa versa.