Important Beta Notice


            The posted value price of props is currently 288 for one dollar. This figure is only a vague guideline intended to help participants decide how much to spend and what to expect. There are many factors that contribute to the amount of props earned including, nature of the payment processor, popularity of currency, processing time, utility and such. For example, since I am brand new to Twitch , I am not sure how much a subscriber is worth to me. Therefore the props earned for a subscriber is nothing less than a wild guess until the details of such things are worked out. Likewise, as this new Proper X approach settles in, pass the beta stage, props value will be calculated for each payment processor. As this network grows the value of props will be more precise.
There is currently a bug in the shopping cart (driving me crazy) in which a product added to the cart remains there after a purchase. Remember to empty your cart after a purchase in order to avoid duplicate orders.
No Funny Business – yes, this is a beta system but for the first few editions of Proper X there will only be a few dozen participants. It’s easy for me to keep detailed records on everyone. Perhaps when there are thousands of users will hackers get away something sneaky. For now, it’s not difficult to catch exploiters.
Participants should not spend their props now. Everyone is entitled to spend their props whichever way or whenever they choose. Nevertheless, this system is still new, there are few products available, and users stand a bigger chance of wasting their props while this effort is still in beta. For example, many of the products available now would be subject to a long processing time. On the other hand – a pending update includes digital downloads of the same products in which a buyer can download their purchase immediately. The value of props and the price of rewards will fluctuate wildly while the system is in beta. Purchases and appropriated props will not be lost, null or voided. Yet the value and utility of props will no doubt be a wild roller coaster ride until the kinks are worked out.
The Activist Nation bears no liability or responsibility for loses. Participants use the Proper X system at their own risk. Granted, we strive to satisfy everyone (otherwise Proper X would not exist in the first place). Yet, the Proper X website is a rewards program based on a digital currency (props) granted to people who join and work with the Activist Nation. Under such circumstances, it makes no sense to bear any liability.