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Activist Nation News
Activist Nation News
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Visit the Activist Nation main website for grassroots news and independent media

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Paradigm is a grassroots index and directory. Visit the site for a compilation of community organizations

Proper X
Proper X
Rewards Program

Proper X is a new rewards program. Special offers and products are offered to participants here

The Activist Nation on Twitch has launched. New media, talents, and productions will be introduced. Prop X will be used to reward Twitch supporters, yet all participants in the network can enroll in this innovative rewards program. We are currently seeking new musicians, artists, and reporters for monetary partnerships.

We Are Currently Looking For Talent

Use Contact Below For More Info

Mission Statement



The Activist Nation is a for-profit grassroots media outlet based in New York City. Social Capitalism is the fundamental ideology of this network. The phrase Activist Nation is analogous with the United States. Americans should practice a form of patriotism that is beneficial and productive. We should strive to enact our vision for a better future, in doing so we strengthen our character, focus, and spirit.


Talent Search

Content Is Needed For This Network

wwe are currently searching for new talent to join up. Monetary compensation could be provided for musicians, artists, reports, and others. Accepted forms of media include video, audio, and written. The Activist Nation needs content and we are willing to pay for it. Before submitting, producing, or creating anything on our behalf, write a prospectus and have it approved, beforehand. Work must be submitted before payment. Not all submissions will be accepted.


There Is Plenty of Work Available


Written articles are needed for news content on the primary website.


Independent and grassroots musicians are needed for a new music channel in the making.


Artist and designers are needed for various positions within this network.


Everyone is welcome to participate in this effort. Let us know what you have in mind.

Christopher Molina

228 E 45th St

Ground Floor #34

New York, NY 10017

Call us: 914-274-7317



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