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Mission Statement

Activist Nation

d The Activist Nation seeks to promote solidarity in society. The Activist Nation seeks to develop community awareness, promote a global community and advocate a sense of patriotism that involves coexistence between various factions. Facilitators and participants of the Activist Nation are proponents of cooperation, consensus and the common good. This network acts as both a media outlet and a think tank that focus on creating new methods of improving the world that we live in. The people of society today should strive to lean more about themselves and others, in doing so they are better able to distinguish the beneficial from the detrimental and in the end attain prosperity.

Here's some impressive numbers about us


A media outlet, grassroots index, video streaming site, classifieds listing, online store and there is more to come.


Countless hours of video posted and yet to be posted. All original content. All of it exclusive.


Grassroots organizations noted on this site. There is much more to come.


Experience on the field. Coverage based in the Tri-State area.

A Grassroots Media Outlet

Activist Nation

New Reports

This grassroots media outlet is constantly updated with new content.

Michael Novotny
Left Forum 2014

The coverage of Left Forum 2014 includes 15 videos, numerous photos, scanned fliers and more.

Chris Ames
May Day 2014

May Day 2014 speeches from Union Square New York.

Alex Mark
World Peace Earth Day

Complete coverage of this wonderful event sponsored by Planet Heart and We the World.

Join This Grassroots Network

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Review this network for an abundance of information. Feel free to participate in the many services and job openings available. New groups are continuously being added. If you have anyone you would like to add or suggestions for a report, contact us.

Radical Revolution tv
The video streaming site for the Activist Nation


This network is dynamic, it utilizes the latest tools for the best experience possible.


Better architecture makes this network faster than the competition. RadRev tv utilizes Silverlight for an better viewing experience.


Activist Nation seeks to create a compilation of nearly all grassroots organizations. The network enables people to connect with one another.


The Activist Nation strives to be a legitimate and accurate source of information. Content is fact check and revised.

It has been too long since the last content update. The Activist Nation suffers from a lack of support and funds. The network practically consist of one person - myself. The website might as well be my portfolio. The website itself has been offline so many times (due to nonpayment) and so lapsed that its a wonder how anyone would still visits it. Time and effort should be treated as a commodity - they should be spent wisely. I have spent countless hours, much effort and too much money on this effort. At times it seems that the entire venture should be abandoned. Nevertheless, I have invested so much time into this, that I obligated to whatever small chance of success it may have.

A hand full of people have acknowledged my work. A hand full of people is all it takes to invigorate me with the will to see the Activist Nation succeed. First and foremost the new Stylebook will ensure consistency and better standards across the board. Rather than just act as a guidebook for grammar, this compilation will set a new precedent for numerous elements of this media outlet. The new online store Weasel or www.GreatWeasel.com will work as an order catalog in which payment options will include bitcoins MoneyPak, and Vanilla Reload. Funding will also be derived from tutorials and investigative reports sold on the pay-per-view market. This reworking of the site will also ensure that the best tools and technology is utilized.


Dynamic Reports

Coverage includes written reports, video, photo gallery, scanned documents and interviews.


Website is built with the best programming languages, HTML, Wordpress CMS, PHP Silverlight.

Online Store

Weasel the new online store will accept Bitcoins, MoneyPak, Vanilla Reload plus will include numerous freebies.


Paradigm is a compilation of numerous activist and grassroots organization. This effort will attempt to include all such organizations.


Through VLD Virtual Labs Database participants can submit media and get paid. Bulletin boards will note what reports are needed.

New Patriotism

Not only is Activist Nation a media outlet, it is also a proponent of the social capitalist ideology and a movement.


An open line of communication is available through email, cell phone, Twitter, Skype, Facebook and instant messenger.


Activist Nation has nearly a decade of experience on the field. This network includes countless hours of video, numerous reports and plenty of photographs.

New Content Coming Soon!



Photo Gallery

  • The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

    · Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum

    · Noam Chomsky
  • We have it in our power to begin the world over again.

    · Thomas Paine

Grassroots Media

News from the streets

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